About Me - John Skandalis - Seattle, WA

Hello and welcome!

I am a licensed mental health counselor located in the South Lake Union area in Seattle. I have been in private practice for twenty five years and continue to be passionate about my work as a psychotherapist.

I was born and raised here in Seattle. I graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Washington in 1975.  Later I started a contracting business and although successful I became restless. Something was missing. I realized that the most meaningful part of my work was talking with and understanding the people I worked for. Reflecting back on my youth I recalled that I was often sought out by friends for advice and a listening ear. After researching graduate programs I returned to school and completed my masters degree in counseling from the LIOS (Leadership Institute of Seattle) program in 1991. 

In college I started playing electric bass. I am still playing music in the blues/rock band I started with friends in 1979. I greatly enjoy the creative outlet it provides and the enduring friendships we share.

My role as the bass player is one I play in many ways in my life. In the band I am the connector that brings everyone into relationship with each other. In the band I underpin and unify the essential elements of melody, harmony and rhythm.

In addition I am currently working on my first novel exploring my childhood entitled, “Hector’s Lament”.

I am also passionate about hiking. I, my son and nephews have done many extended backpacking trips in the wilderness areas of the state.

I have been married for over twenty five years and am the father of two grown children. I love spending time with them and the recent addition of my first grandchild.

I am thankful that you are considering me as a resource to help you navigate whatever it is that is preventing you from having the joyful and prosperous life that you deserve.