"I have complete confidence that when I refer clients to John they will be in good hands. His skills & expertise along with his warmth and compassion make him one of my top referral choices, particularly for couples. John has many years of training and experience in parent education as well as being a skilled couples therapist so he is particularly helpful to troubled couples and parents.
I’ve also observed that John has a deep understanding of men who struggle with communications and intimacy in relationships and as a therapist he is able to offer them tools and insights that are helpful and practical."

— Abby Smith, MA, LMHC

“John Skandalis has been a trusted colleague and friend since 2006. I first heard about John through a supervisor and mentor of mine. I was looking to start a group with a co-therapist and he recommended John as a possibility. I contacted John and we discussed the possibility of running a group together. He and I met every couple of weeks for 6 months, getting to know each other, and came up with a shared vision for a group. We started the group the following year and we have been co-leading and working together ever since. He has since moved into the same suite as I, where we both run our individual private practices and offer workshops and trainings. John is a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist with a great sense of humor and is very approachable. I highly recommend him as a therapist for both individual and couples. Additionally he is an excellent group therapist, workshop leader and psychodrama trainer.”

— Marisa Adriana Kallman, MA, LMHC,
Psychotherapist at Therapy Into Action

“I was working with a couple in marriage counseling and felt that the husband could use some individual work. I referred him to John to sort out what was going on in him. Although he discontinued marriage counseling, his wife reported that he had made good progress in identifying his issues. Because of the good work that I know John does with men, I thought that he would be a good match for the husband. I’m very selective about referring clients and am impressed with John’s thoroughness, dedication, knowledge and integrity. I am confident that the people I send to him are in good hands.”

— Jerry Oncken, Ph.D LMHC

“I have known and worked side by side with John Skandalis for at least ten years. He is open, responsive, funny, gentle, compassionate, and competent in his knowledge and ability to assist individuals and couples. John has a high level of integrity and healthy boundaries in his personal and professional life. John is easy to be with and trustworthy. John works with my clients and I would not hesitate to send referrals to him.”

— Sarah L. Blum ARNP,
Nurse psychotherapist